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  1. Now running my speaker rig from our iPad. I think this is the end of CD's for me.

  2. I agree with Antonio. I likes my autumn.

  3. Neko Case is back in the recording studio!

    1. manaox2


      Got tickets to see them in October! Can't wait.

  4. i wish neko case would release a new album

  5. Total 2% Fage tasted way better that the Total 0%.

  6. i'm pretty sure if you score 190 points in fantasy football, you must've cheated

  7. i cant believe its not butter

  8. fuck you, butter is churned magical fairy dust!

  9. butter is magical

  10. when head case stops running i cry lots

  11. what this is i dont even

  12. not cool enough for too cool for school hello world

  13. too cool for school

  14. since when do we get a tweet function up in this bitch?

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