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  1. Update to add that I love this thing. The BluOS upgrades that are regularly pushed out keep it up to date. I just added HD to my Amazon Music service and now I get lossless and Hi-Rez streaming on it too. Sounds flat out amazing. 

    Edit: I configured it to Bi-amp the satellites. Awesome. 

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  2. I got through the full Dirac setup and splurged for the full frequency range correction to let me correct above 500Hz. The system sounds fucking amazing. It's like an audio scapel! I can pull the entire image apart and hear everything. It sounds as good as anything I have ever heard. I need to build a filter with the few dB roll off rather than dead flat. 

    I had to cut out the back of my rack to get it to fit but it does fit now. 


    The BluOS features have also made my Squeezebox Touch obsolete. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, grawk said:

    might see if calfee can fix the mad fibers

    Hey Dan, unfortunately because they have gone out of true and would need special tooling to fix the recommendation from the Madfiber founder is to trash them. I don't think I will be able to trust them again anyway. 

  4. On 6/16/2019 at 5:26 PM, morphsci said:

    NAD is quality gear. Having owned Yamaha, Rotel and NAD gear I would go with NAD or Rotel over Yamaha. I would also look at what Marantz has to offer especially if you are interested in DSP.

    NAD T758 V3 has Dirac. Seems like an awesome choice and I like the math. 

  5. My Linn Classik appears to have died and is throwing an error code (might try to get it fixed but Linn no longer fixes, likely a bunch of failed capacitors). I would love a direct replacement with tuner, cd and amplifier but honestly we don't listen to the radio anymore and I have sources for everything else. The only think that has all that is the Denon CEOL RCD-N10. 

    Looking around it seems like the Yamaha Integrated amps are my usual "wire with gain" type of thing so I was looking at the Yamaha A-S801BL. There is also an interesting NAD device but their software might have issues and not sure of sound. 

    Any recommendations or experiences?

  6. Been a shitty bike week for me. Have only been riding indoors for months but I decided I should get my bikes summer ready. First I discovered that the braking area on my Mad Fiber front wheel is totally fucked:15607105290661702321248304310359.thumb.jpg.af5c704b724cbafc53b0d0bc1f31bb46.jpg

    Contacted the company founder who confirmed I'm out of luck. Pissed off but figure OK I still have the other bike with Zipps to use. 


    FML. Hopefully Zipp will fix but still out a lot of money to get back up and running. At least I wasn't riding either of them. 

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  7. I have switched to this:

    Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 5100 Magnetic Belt Drive Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Silver https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0172EEHXC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_VGFDCbXFQMFMP

    Plus pedal power meters to do Peloton and Zwift. We absolutely love it. Let's us move back and forth between my wife and I in about a minute but still rides great. Super quiet. 

    10 hours ago, VPI said:

    I use a Wahoo powered trainer and Zwift, which a lot of HCers also use, as my much more useful spin bike.  I obviously need to be using it a lot more than I am, which anyone on Zwift can tell you.

    Zwift username? 

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