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    Just started watching season one yesterday and love it. Found out today that Fleabag Phoebe also created and wrote Killing Eve, so I am even more impressed.
  2. Feliz cumpleanõs El Dragón Mexicano! Cheers!
  3. I don't know anything about his music but I've listened to a whole lot of 4AD records since it was founded. RIP and fuck cancer.
  4. Happy birthday Rob! Cheers!
  5. Somebody should have called Jon Queenslayer at least once.
  6. The Sharks are battered and it may be difficult to physically bounce back, let alone mentally. The Blues have mercilessly targeted Karlsson and certainly made a number of cheap shots that should have been called. Maybe you're right that the five minute major and the non call hand pass (both of which were turning points but both good calls to my mind) have spooked the refs. Hoping for a game seven opportunity...
  7. How about "its good *enough* because I like it?" This show is over-analyzed from fans and foes alike. I'm happy to have it come to a conclusion even if rushed and not as good as it could have been.
  8. Sharks were not great tonight but now we have a three game series to decide this thing.
  9. Hope it's been a fun one Chris! Cheers!
  10. RIP TIM. McHale's Navy is really what I think of first...
  11. Oops. I glossed over it when looking for Doris. ?
  12. And Peggy Lipton at 72. ? Mod Squad was the hippest show of its time and then she reappeared on Twin Peaks, which the was also the coolest. RIP Peggy
  13. RIP Doris Day at 97 (born two months and two days before my dad). Que Será, Será
  14. Nice shots! They practice all around SF leading up to Fleet Week and I used to stare out my office window at them. Amazing pilots.
  15. Happy birthday Shell! Have a great one with your lady love. Cheers!
  16. I thought McAvoy's hit was unintentional at first but the slow mo replays showed that he dropped his shoulder into the guy's head. I didn't see the other play. Nevertheless, Go Bruins! I'm hoping that the Sharks can continue winning every other game in this series and finish this off...
  17. Absolutely amazing episode. I am going to have to watch again to soak it all in. Hilarious
  18. Walkers shatter, wights just "die"
  19. This is super geeky, but Ric first asked about the Dothraki and his follow up mentions the Unsullied. The Unsullied have dragon glass spear points to my eye (yeah, yeah, it's dark). The Dothraki do a lot of head lopping and that seems to slow down the dead so maybe that was the original plan. Who fucking knows. This is all TV writers and little to none of the author so there isn't going to be as much clarity or consistency.
  20. But the Dothraki didn't get dragon glass swords from what I can tell. When Melisandre grabs one it looks like iron. It's a good question.
  21. I love Barry but I am waiting to watch until tonight. I can weigh in on your assertion later.
  22. Wow! I haven't even made it through all of them but this is quite a collection. I have never heard of Paul jones dry whiskey but they advertised the crap out of it!
  23. Unfuckingbelievable
  24. Fucking tied with seconds left after four goals in the third period? Wtf?! Whose karma now?
  25. The first game seven of the day had turned out nicely, so maybe the next one will too. Go Sharks!
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