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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I’ve lurked here for a while but am active in the other regular forum. Apologies for the cold post here, but after a trade and drunken bidding on Yahoo Auctions I find myself with both an SRM-T1S and a 006t (both have pro and normal bias outputs). I would like to get the CCS mod done to one of them, likely the 006 which I would then keep. There’s likely no way in hell I would trust myself to do the mod, though I have JimL’s article. So my post is to find someone who could upgrade my 006t with the CCS mod and whatever other upgrades and updates (and voltage change) you feel would be worthwhile. I’m using it to drive (primarily) an L300LE and a NB Lambda. I have a Hive and an RR1 but I think I just like the Stax sound too much, and will likely sell those to pay for a Sigma. I’m in Los Angeles and so would love to be able to drive to drop this off rather than ship, but am happy to ship too. Thank you, and I apologize if this is not the place to post this. Jake
  2. Hopefully I'm at the right place this time. I want to build a kevin gilmore blue hawaii amp. As a starting point I found the original http://headwize.com/?page_id=751 and the more recent http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/BlueHawaii-T2-Servo-v1-2.zip (needs LTSpice). Is there a recent version without servo, with PCB's and all that? CCS is yet partly diskussed, has someone experiance with "mu follower Output" to decouple the complex loads partly from the tubes (see schematic)? What about a PS if no 500V pnp is found? From the PSRR viewpoint I'd start with the concept: "care about higher harmonics, PSRR can start to decrease at a cut-off in the 1 kHz region. And: just in that > 1kHz range, where the measured PSRR comes in, additionally whatsoever interactions between PS and music could come in as well. So starting out with "1 V ripple on the output won't be DIRECTLY audible" could work, but I'd like to have some more safty. So what about a good old plain and simple low-pass with (no 6dB/oct, not L...) R*C*2pi=1Hz first? (Ok, R2 burns some W if some mA is needed, but there is enough space, 150R will do too.)
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