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introducing the black hole

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So it turns out that the lme49830 is pretty much a dynafet on a chip, with

diamond buffers driving the fets. SO... combine with the semelab-tt

lateral audio mosfets, and the result is something super sweet, and

easy to build, about $50 in parts per channel. Combine 4 channels

with my balanced preamp, and have one serious kickass thing

guaranteed to drive anything, he6's and k1000's included.

At about 2 orders of magnitude less distortion than that other thing.

And more than 10 times the available output current.

at... 20hz to 20khz...

.1mw .05% thd (most of which is noise)

1mw .01% thd

100mw .005% thd

1w .0003% thd

many watts <.0001% thd


Works great at +/- 30 volt supplies, But also works all the way

up to +/-100 volt supplies. 30 volt supplies highly recommended

especially balanced, because lets face it, enough is enough.

Suitable for driving say ten thousand pairs of sr-009 at the same time biggrin.png

(400 volts peak to peak)

A bit more work to do, but getting close now.

3.2 x 3.6 inches plus required external heatsinks.

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Well pretty much anything can drive speakers (M3 even) but yeah, it can. This thing can swing 400V P-P into a 8ohm load with a massive PSU to match.

Lol, that's 2500 watts or so. Absurd. So it can swing pretty much all the way to voltage rails and isn't current limited into low impedances? In that case even a +/-40V or so power supply for 4 channels would drive almost any speaker pretty well.

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Erm, does that other thing happen to be group buy material at that other place? rolleyes.gif

No, that would be a certain commercial amp designed to explode your headphones. I think that is the only thing that explains that crap design...

Sorry for my lack of technical understanding but is this to be another Electrostatic amp or an amp that can power any headphone depending on its power supply?


This is for dynamic and magneto planar headphones and a way of getting close to a balanced Dynafet performance for not a whole lot of money. So while this can in theory swing enough to drive electrostatics nobody would build it like that (save for somebody wanting to upstage Krell). Recommended PSU is +/-30V.

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The new dynahi power supply seems simple enough. Most of the size is due to the

electrolytics anyway. If you really want to use this as an integrated amp, a much

more massive power supply is going to be required. And then the size is mostly

capacitors and the transformer anyway. This thing actually works just fine on

a completely unregulated power supply which is what i'm testing it on now, because

i don't have a regulated supply that puts out 5 amps.

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That has already been patented before in slightly different forms. The army had a version that

did very low frequency at obscene volume levels, guaranteed to make you think you drank a few

gallons of dulcolax. That version was not portable however.

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Like i said, its not done yet. resistor and zener to turn off the mute.

And a better way to get the output off the board. etc...

Plus you can tie all the mutes together and wire it to

the protection board.

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