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introducing the black hole

kevin gilmore

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just have not had the time to test the final version.

i can give you the board layout, have a few made and test.

Biggest problem is that i'm moving my lab beginning of august, and

i'm working 10 hour days in prep.

Plus the stax mafia seem to be doing every possible electrostatic

tube amp at the moment, all at the same time.

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I'm sorry to rescue this old thread.

I've seen some schemes in the Stax mafia circuit boards but I don´t know if this ampli step finally "production". The fact is that I would not mind doing one of these amps and maybe someone else is attracted to the proyect.

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1 hour ago, spritzer said:

Wasn't that the pile of shit Ray did? 

I'm not sure if that's Ray's amp. I have not found documentation about the Blackhole on "Stax mafia circuit boards", only references to the dark/dork star.

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that was ray's darkstar amp. the blackhole is something different.

the blackhole uses a national semiconductor driver chip lme49830 and a pair of alf16P/alf16N semisouth fets for the outputs. 

You can probably substitute something else for those parts, including bipolars, as the board has options for that too, but I never tested that way.

the darkstar sounds absolutely miserable, and these days has stupidly large voltage swings guaranteed to set just about anything on fire.

the blackhole is suitable as a small speaker amp.

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