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Happy Birthday Blessingx


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I made you a cake, but that red-nosed bastard wrecked it.


Happy birthday and merry christmas!

Cheers! beer.gif

Rudolph actually is a bastard! Dasher is his father, but the mother is never mentioned anywhere. She must have come from the wrong side of Santa's Village. That, and Dasher must have undergone a sex change at some point (Rudolph as well) because all male reindeer shed their antlers every year around October or November. (True story, as Google will confirm.)

Thus, all of the reindeer on Santa's official sleigh team must be female, which goes a long way explain why they're so highly organized and efficient. Only problem is that with Rudolph at the lead, to the extent that he still does display some male characteristics, he's still too proud to ask for directions.

Anyway, Merry Birthday, Ric.

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