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Neil Young claims he was working on an audiophile iPod with Steve Jobs


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Looks like a shit load compression to me. If the 20 second lead in is compared, very slight increase in amplitude, almost nothing. The main content after 20 seconds is compressed to high heaven. The modern compression sickness that's like the bubonic plague. Gotta keep the main demographic (and profit group) happy, kids walking around in noisy environments with portables.


Pono player, well it's going to maybe sound better than other portables, but it's never going to be pro or hi-end. It's full of op-amps, feedback and no class A and no class full stop.

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Just read the Yahoo review.


It's no surprise that an iPhone may sound better than a Pono.


Most analogue design by big corporations, if you can call using a semiconductor manufacturer's application notes "design", these days usually only sounds good by accident.


I have a box full of earphones, some $99 Philips ones in there also with all the bragging rights from the marketing gurus, with a set of earphones that came with a $60 Sagem FM radio with no bragging rights that blows them all into the weeds.


It is with great trepidation that I buy headphones, earphones, speakers based on price. With speaker it's usually better to build a set.

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While I agree with you that Yahoo in general is increasingly irrelevant, many of the individual writers (in this case Pogue) are still very widely read.

Widely read is not equal to relevant

No shit.

Hmmm .... Then I guess a post implying such is what? Just fucking stupid?

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The guy on Yahoo! seems like a reasonable human being.

That he actually got results in his blind test is interesting. And contradictory to his very reasonable assumption that that it's had to hear the difference between lightly compressed material and uncompressed material. And to his also reasonable argument that remasters should sound better and that should swamp the difference in the files.

Most such exercises just return null and the high priests tell us that null isn't really null if you truly believe. (My doctor lately seems to enjoy laughing at the stupidity of the results of blind and meta drug studies, which is a little concerning, such drugs are qualified with such tests in the first place.)

Could maybe the choice of transducers have dictated Yahoo! Guy's results? Like maybe there was less brightness with the phone?

And then there's dumb luck. Or the burning desire to debunk anything that can be debunked for the clicks. "Yeah, it works, but it's not 'disruptive' " isn't the sexiest steely line ever.

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I just don't think the success or failure will be determined by whether it's verifiably better. I also don't know how many devices have to sell to make it worthwhile. Either way, I'm not the market. But if Pogues article is the death nail then I've misjudged him.

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Meanwhile Pono Reveals PonoRevealer


Meanwhile testing reveals, all is not what it would seem


Fig.3 Pono PonoPlayer, frequency response at –12dBFS into 100k ohms with data sampled at: 44.1kHz (left channel cyan, right magenta), 96kHz (left green, right gray), 192kHz (left blue, right red) (0.5dB/vertical div.).


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