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Hennyo's been asking me to buy parts from Japan for him through pm. I said I'd help (when time permits) if it was benefiting all the builders / e.g. group buy centralised by a reputable member / through public post in the forum (not pm). Haven't heard a word since!

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Birgir, does this mean this is a build an idiot like me could take a shot at while not taking too many chances with one's life?


This is about as simple as it can get but care has to be taken when soldering in the tubes.  There are no cheap sockets available for sub-mini's so they have to be soldered in.  I didn't care enough to make a new footprint for them so this is a TO-5 base which is quite small.  Should be fine with non-Hennyo solder skills. 

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I am tempted! Have done soldering of populated integrated amps boards while I was doing an intership at an audio manufacturer so I guess I am not a total noob.

But I can probably do much worse than hennyo nevertheless ;) Any example chef d'oeuvre of his to take inspiration?

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There are really GOOD monks (like andy), then there are a few bad ones.


Like the child molesting creep that bought the property behind me that's

next to a kindercare. Luckily (with a warning) enough neighbors got together to stop him

from building a "visitor center" where he could spy on and prey on the kids.

He now owns 4 such properties in the 30 mile area, all of which are next to

kindercare, or kindercare like facilities, none of which he is able to build on.

Seems like a waste of about $800k.


Seriously, how hennyo was able to solder like that, I have yet to figure out.

round balls of eutectic solder thru the wrong side of the board. On the heatsinks

balls stuck to the pins but not the board. That definitely takes talent.


here is the place in japan that has the transistors, trouble is they

won't ship overseas, so someone in japan has to be the go between



I could use 25 pieces each of 2sj79 and 2sk216 just to make sure

plus 50 pieces 2sk170/2sj74

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deadlylover was planning on some group buy from satodenki, but don't know when that's actually going to take place... I surely want some of those 1968s and 79/216s


I really do wonder how to get that much solder to seep through the hole.... I mean... sometimes I try to have solder seep through a little to the other side but it really takes quite a bit from the iron...

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next up a singlepower squarewave and squarewave xl for the masses.

with fixes. this is going to be a very sweet and uber cheap amp and

as Jacob can testify, with the right power supply a really great sounding

item for high impedance headphones.


my version will have a servo, because the 1000uf blackgates are clearly no longer

available, and take up way too much space.



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After a week of battling customs, here we are:




Looks kinda cute...  :)  That's the PSU above it and it needs a 12V/2A brick to power it all.  Just need to figure out the loading for the output tubes but I'm leaning towards 30K for the Anode and 280R for the cathode. 

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