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Happy Birthday, Deepak!


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Thank you everyone. I had a fun time last night with my girlfriend and my best friend and his wife.

The homepage said today was your birthday, but I don't believe it. If it were your birthday, you wouldn't gotten a bike for your birthday, but I didn't see Mindless Consumerism or the Bike Thread updated, so what's the deal?

On the off chance it is your birthday, hope you had a good one. If it isn't, well, you're a mod, delete it!


laugh.png in my defense I am going to the LBS now to rent a downhill bike. Not planning anything too crazy, just riding some of the not too steep technical downhill stuff. I've been looking forward to it all week... I am sucker for long travel bikes

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Heh. Glad you had a good time, DP. Also, I should've said "would've", not "wouldn't". Bah. wink.png

Glad you're getting to go out and play. Take some video for us. I hear it can be entertaining.


I wanted to rent a Demo 8. No LBS rented those, but the Trek/Giant LBS guy I kept in touch with has a Session 88 he held for me :)

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