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Welp, last two weeks have been a headache with regard to showreels.  Two weeks ago, while attempting to connect the mic to my mixer, I jostled the Thunderbolt cable enough to cause a momentary disconnect.  Traktor freezes playback but resumes immediately when it gets disconnected from the DAC.  The Mixlr app, OTOH, throws a complete fit and won't work right until it's restarts.  The end result is that the record of that show got ruined.  

This past friday I used the tiny micro PC I have to run the Mixlr app, thus avoiding the possibility of the same problem cropping up two weeks in a row.  Unfortunately, the UI on the Windows version of the Mixlr app is considerably different and the record function appears at a different stage in the launch process.  There's also no way to enable recordings after going live.  That meant there's no recording my most recent show, either.  

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