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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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I've tried two Specialized saddles, and had rubbing with both right where the leg meets my bum.  I think I'll start with my Brooks just so I can get some miles on.  I have plenty of time to try out saddles.  I have Parris's Rolls to check out still, and I have five saddles I still own that were all close to being good, and still might work on the new bike.  The other one I liked a lot was also leather, a Gilles Berthoud Marie Blanque.  I put the Brooks back on because I got it right when I was starting to do 80 miles + at a time, training for the Miami to Key West ride.  The saddle was comfy, but also hard as a rock, and it needed breaking in, which I didn't have time to do then, as my sit bones were super sore after 60 or so miles, and really really sore the next day, though I had no soft tissue issues, which seems to be the problem with most of the these other saddles I'm trying.  Maybe it's time to try it out again.  



Dave's first customer Dave Thompson (and many others) use Brooks on his frames. Waiting for pics. :)

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Thanks everyone! I'm very excited. 


Wow, I am very interested in seeing you do 40 miles on the Brompton Ari.  How does it ride?  Are the little tires and long ass "stem" twitchy on NYC streets?


I was afraid that it would be wobbly at low speed or hard to control, but its not too twitchy at all. 


I could not ride it around the hairpin turn on the GWB walk/bikeway, but it is an incredibly tight turn. I'm not sure bikes were considered when they made it as I have ever seen anyone actually go around it without putting a foot down or grabbing the railing.


Large bumps in the pavement (like 1/2" or more) are rougher than the big bikes. 


And what does it look like collapsed, er, folded?











Love the bike, Ari. For some reason, though, the little fenders amuse me.


They are so cool! 

I rode to the grocery store this evening, after it has been raining all day, and my pants & shoes were totally dry.


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Very cool Ari. How much does it weigh?


According to my bathroom scale 28lbs.


I rode 10.6miles today. It was nice but very hilly. Not very exciting compared to some of the rides other people post, but fun for me. I was thinking of going to one of the local malls (which would be 13-14miles round trip) but decided against it a couple miles away and then took a pleasant detour to get home. 


Tomorrow I will ride from the NJ side of the GWB to my GF in Brooklyn which is about 17miles (ignoring any detours into Manhattan, which will probably make it closer to 20mi) and mostly flat. 

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I learned that taking two weekends off feels more like taking a month off when you start back up.  I was kinda sucky today on a ride with John and Raffy. My Gunnar also feels super heavy compared to the Calfee, but that might have been to my just feeling old and slow today in the wind.  I'm really hoping that the Kirk is the best mix of the two: the Gunnar is a perfect fit and the Calfee is the perfect weight/ride.  Keeping fingers crossed that I'll know within two weeks.

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Got in a short ride this morning, mostly to compare the Suunto Ambit2 to the Garmin 800.  I could not figure out how to pair the Garmin sensor to the watch and I did not go into the settings to tell the watch to auto pause when stopped like the Garmin does so the speed differences were expected but I think the watch did pretty well.  I know, slow as hell but I was really not feeling it today.  I will just blame the extra 3 pounds of the Calfee.





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Vicki I've solved those feelings by just having a picline and a coffee drip installed!  :laugh:



If I thought that would work for me, I'd do it.  :)


Jeff, the Calfee is real sexy.  


I rode my Calfee today, and I gotta admit that between the lighter weight and the Enve wheels, it's just a speedier ride, though the Gunnar feels so right.  John and I rode with a really nice group of people (weirdly, a lot of engineers) from meetup that he'd ridden with before. Did about 45 miles with a nice breakfast after at a deli where the owner had set up a picnic table out back for us because A) They're there pretty much every week and 8) He didn't want a bunch of sweaty cyclists inside.  They tend to ride between 18-21mph, which is perfect for me.  I learned that they tend to do longer rides (80 miles-ish) on Saturdays, then short on Sundays.  I'm definitely going to be riding with them again.  


I do want to officially call out Raffy for wimping out and sleeping in rather than riding with us.  

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