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Alec is 12 today and asked for a "proper bike."

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Shop #1: i went out to a shop that had offered some really great pricing on 2013 54cm cannondales that they would have to order. so i went there to ride what they had, hoping that i would like and fit the 54cm CAAD10 and therefore also a SuperSix (carbon). They had a 2014 CAAD10 Rival in 54cm, so i tried it, and was instantly disappointed. it was an uncomfortable ride and it felt too long. They brought out a Felt F75 54cm, and that was a lot smoother and more comfortable. But it also had the stem flipped so it angled up. Then I tried a Felt F85 51cm (still in the shop from 2011) and it was my favorite, just felt nimble. Then I went on a 2014 carbon Synapse, which was light and comfortable but not really what i was looking for. So I left that shop thinking i did need the hard-to-find 52cm.


Shop #2: Stopped at a nearby very overpriced Specialized shop, rode an employee's 52cm Allez. It was ok but going downhill I felt vulnerable, at those speeds it felt too small. Next I tried a Specialized Tarmac w/ SRAM Apex, and they replaced the stem with one 10mm shorter and flipped it. This felt pretty good, but i wouldnt pay what they were asking for it. $1650 for a 2012 w/ SRAM Apex, i think. Lastly I rode their carbon Roubaix w/ Ultegra. it was fine but i didnt really like pedaling it, at least with flats which is what i was testing on. also wasnt going to pay $3k for it.


Shop #3: Finally, i drive back to my LBS to see if they had any carbon Cannondale SuperSix i could ride. They dont, but they do have a 2013 CAAD10 105, 54cm. Even though i already rode a CAAD10 Rival that morning, i tried this one, and it was MUCH better. Maybe it was just the first vs last ride of the day, or the tire pressure, or the seat height, or not liking the SRAM Rival, but i liked the 2013 CAAD10 105 a lot and had no issues with fit. So I decided to ask the owner about the 2013 deals since he has access to the same inventory as the other shop. Most of the deals on stuff like the SuperSix Evo Red were already gone in the past 24 hours. colors are limited on other models. It came down to the CAAD10 105 that i just rode, ordering a SuperSix 105 for $1500, or a CAAD10 Black Inc. for $2399. Some pro-ish looking chick with a Cannondale shirt told me id like the CAAD10 better than a SuperSix, which i hadn't even been able to demo, as the CAAD10 frame is more responsive.  So i said "well...if you can give me a deal i cant refuse, i might go for that. you'd still make more money than if i just get a CAAD10 105 or SuperSix 105." And i ended up w/ $2089+tax = $2200 out the door. Not bad for a $4100 retail 2013 model!  it should arrive later next week.




back to work now..

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Good deal! Envious. Sad none of these shops would tell you what size you should be on. Hope it works out.


i got various opinions depending on who i asked. Some said get the bigger bike and tweak it, some said get the smaller bike and tweak it. The 52cm was fun going around the parking lot but i liked it less at the shop that gave me an opportunity for a longer ride on the road. The 54cm was the opposite experience. And considering I rode Jeff's 56cm Calfee for 2.5 hours on my first road ride, and had zero pain the next day, i went w/ the 54, which i think is also easier to sell if i want to change later.

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Hollowgram SiSL eventually. Or maybe matching Ultegra crank. Or crazy esoteric crank to be named later.

And Enve tubular race wheels. And upgraded cockpit. Upgrade frame to Calfee Manta. Upgrade to prototype DA Di2 1x14 with automatic shifting based on cadence, grade, power output.

Add Huffy stickers.


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