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HC Bike/Cycling Thread

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What's in da baaaahhhhhxxxxx? Some parts. Darker blue than we thought. Happiest kid in the world in this moment. **BRENT**

My Friends:    And my fan nº1 and asisstant   

Alec is 12 today and asked for a "proper bike."

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The Mad Fibers are for sale $900 obo with GP4000s tubulars mounted (worth about $250 for the pair) and the Mad Fiber two wheel bag. Shimano/SRAM 9/10 speed hubs. These are incredibly light at 1080 grams for the wheels plus some of the lightest (and Tour Magazine Tested best) tubulars mounted.

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i am 10 speed, i think?


Yeah, you're 10 speed. The 11 speed ultegra di2 groupset was announced some time after your bike was released.


This is removing gunk :)


While others run single speed around here, I'm certainly not strong enough to do that for either road or mountain biking. I'm just too weak :P

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I have the Campy Shamal which are basically the same with Fulcrum Zeros besides the spoke design. They have proven to be a solid wheel for training. After 10k miles I still havent had any issues with alignment and has only one puncture with the tubeless tires. Not sure how they compare against the Shimanos though.

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Was thinking Mavic but now deciding between Shimano Dura Ace C24 (which seemed like sacrilege on a SRAM bike) and Fulcrum Racing Zeros. They are both much more aero than the Mavic and about as light.


You can try my set of C24's if you want, I like my set (and saved a bunch by buying from the uk).

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Thanks Ben. My shop gave me a price towards the price from Wiggle but not quite there. If I go that route I'll just get it from them.


Here's another option (I think it looks really sexy): http://www.zencyclery.com/road/siddartha-custom-wheelset.html


Everyone on Paceline Forum pushes handbuilt like crazy. My issue is that being at the upper end of the usual weight range at 185 and 6'5" I don't think I can do the low spoke counts on some of these designs. With the Shimano/Fulcrum options there are given weight limits and I know what I'm getting.


Really it's looking like it's down to preference as anything in the price range is going to ride well, be pretty lignt and look pretty good.

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