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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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I bought my 2013 in september and they had almost nothing so i think 2014s -- unless they bought up a bunch of cannondale's 2013 closeouts and then never sold them

Going by the colours they look like 2013s.  Manufacturers will start clearing them out in the fall, and over the winter & spring they'll have some mega blowouts on previous year bikes.  If dealers have the cash & space they'll buy'em up and sell them to their customers for a good discount.


It's mostly hockey for me right now but I try and get out for a ride every week or 2 to spin out my legs a bit. 

Last week wasn't bad, this week was a hike-a-bike session.





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Got the puppy on October 18 and maybe rode for a total of 50 miles between then and a couple weeks.  I've been back every other day for almost two weeks now.  I'm fat and slow all over again.  Oh well.  Other than kicking myself for getting out of shape, it feels really good to be riding again.


I've got a potential buyer for the Gunnar, and I'm keeping the Calfee.  

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