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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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Got word from Calfee that my replacement Enve 2.0 fork with matching paint job is complete and ready to ship. Took a while but they did me a solid on the price and it's not like I don't have a current fork. Not sure the lawyer tabs were worth what it will cost me but I guess it's worth it if it gives me peace of mind.


Now I just have to make it out riding once and a while. Maybe this weekend....

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Did 6 miles on the CX bike I got in trade last fall.  Was the first time I'd been out on it, and did some fine tuning on the fit.  I've gotten it fairly close I think, but I want longer cranks I think.  Anyway, I'm in TERRIBLE shape after a winter off.  Hopefully I can build that back up relatively quickly.

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Polarized lenses can help on wet roads, it keeps the road surface from turning into a giant blinding mirror when the sun is in front of you.  It also helps on busy roads, keeps car windows from acting like mirrors and blinding you.  If you're not going to see much of either then polarized lenses won't really make a difference, but if you ride in the above conditions a fair bit they're worth it.

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Did my morning ride wearing my Tifosi glasses,  I love the optics and fit.  I like polarized lenses for the perceived clarity but yeah have never had the need for the anti-glare feature while riding.


There is one stretch on my normal route where the glare gets pretty brutal with the Seek FCs after around 7:00 PM.


Kinda sucks because the bifocal type lenses in the Dual SL2s would make them a no-brainer if they were polarized.



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I took some photos

Red hook Crit was last weekend

It rained quite a lot


It was a great time, ignoring the rain.

The races got moved forwards a few hours - last year it was almost too dark to shoot. It was also too crowded last year.... This year was good for the crowd level.




^^ Should take you to the set. 





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