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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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Raffy, having spent some time in a peloton (a lot slower peloton) it's a spoken rule that you keep your eyes forward as much as possible, as in if you stare at it too much someone usually says something line "keep your eyes on the fucking road". It avoids crashes and when you crash in a peloton you usually take out other people. Froome looks down a lot but he also doesn't crash much, but that may be his protected rider status. I will say though that if everyone in the pro peloton rode like him we'd have a lot more crashes. I think it's totally fair game.

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Chris, I totally get the eye-forward peloton/group etiquette. I just get a little grumpy when internet forum armchair quarterbacks get overly critical of pros as if they don't know what the hell they're doing. Hell, I just find Paceline generally overly critical of pros and cycling stuff in general (don't you ever say anything negative about custom builders though as the retrogrouches will be all over you). Everyone's entitled to their opinion but I just prefer to not criticize professionals because I'm not one :)


To be fair, I've heard some pros (even Barguil recently) complain about him riding to power all the time but no mention of being bothered by stem-staring per se.

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It looks like the rest stops were supposed to be better stocked on the Tour de Chocolate Town ride. This little bit was in the email sent out today:





The 5th Anniversary of the Tour de Chocolate Town will take place on Sunday, September 13, 2015. Participants will be emailed information regarding on-sale at the start of the new calendar year. As we are getting feedback, we would like to apologize for the miscommunication between operations teams for the lack of supplies at select rest stops. For this, we are offering a $10 discount should you decide to register for the 2015 Tour de Chocolate Town. A follow up email will be sent to participants of the 63 and 100 mile courses with a discount code prior to registration opening.
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The only advice I have to offer, having just done the same two weeks ago, is to hit the pickle juice early and often. Do your best top stay hydrated and go slow if you want to finish.

great counsel, offers thee.

I would just add that if you can supplement your water with some calories as well as electrolytes :-)

Nuun only has electrolytes, right?

For me the biggest challenge during CWC was to remind myself to eat every hour at the latest. But then by the end of the ride I could not stomach it anymore. Felt bloated. Maybe too much of high sugar food? Next time i am thinking of making some granola bars at home with honey.

Good luck Chris!


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Got out on the MTB again today and started playing with the chesty that I picked up this week.  Didn't get the angle right the first time but the few stills that I accidentally took actually came out ok somehow....






It was a great day, temps in the mid 70s, not so many leaves on the ground as to completely obscure the trail.  I'm going to head back out tomorrow afternoon which is supposed to provide the same weather all over again.  I've already reconfigured the mount so with a little luck I'll have usable footage.

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Finished the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo today, it hurt a lot. The "gravel" climbs were rocky enough that they alone could've been a challenging gravel ride. :o








Descent from High Knob:


Gravel Descent:

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I am going to have to get out for a ride this weekend so I am able to remember how for our big ride later this month.  How do those shifter things work again?

I know the feeling. I did 51 miles this week. First time on the bike since last December in Sebring and 6 months before that. The jury is out on whether cycling is any better for my shoulder than Orange Theory.

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