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krell ksa5 klone

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My Krell:        

Got it cased.  Pretty standard.  I apologize for the power switch--I couldn't resist.  

I completed the full modification (output stage and front end) on both channels and listened to the amp briefly. The headphones were Grado GS1000 and Sennheiser HD595, the 8ohm speaker were B&W 60

Posted Images

Thanks guys. ::)


I use Modu chassis. I don't have special tools, so my amps are very simple design. On this case I used a "Pesante 2U", but I added an extra side panel (of the same model) in the middle.

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the klone was done exactly as the original. Same exact board size.

Each component in exactly the same place. Layout the same. Except

done by computer, not tape and mylar.


Why, because we can.


if you want a klone of a klone buy the cheap pieces of shit on ebay.

they made all sorts of awful modifications.

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That's great and a lovely job as well. Credit where credit is due.


However you could have had the same physical layout and with some finesse with component values and the transistor used for the Vbe multiplier fixed up the blunder in the original design that has potential to compromise the output stage reliability.


Just because Krell designed a potential hand grenade would it be fitting of a clone to leave it that way?


I don't want a clone or a clone of a clone. I wouldn't use the circuit Krell used.

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