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Megatron Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

kevin gilmore

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I am sick and tired of all you guys and your nice casework so it's time I shit on the thread:


I'm glad this isn't headfi so I don't have to preface how stupid this is on multiple levels. I'm sad it doesn't fit in baby's first audio rack that I just purchased, but maybe it's better that I can't leave it there.

this amplifier has certainly changed my mind about ac coupling, I'm so impressed.

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I certainly see that's true now, I just haven't liked choosing what I consider to be subjective components like coupling/bypass caps. if I revisit this I will try the Russian teflons and Mundorf supremes and check things out. I might get more mileage out of swapping tubes though

for other people interested in building the megatron there is a guy on diyaudio selling 1967s. I think these should work as a 1968 substitution ( just an exposed tab), goes by Craig buckingham iirc

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Anybody local have 2x LT1021-10 I can buy ASAP?  I'm done populating my Megatron and KGSSHV PSU boards and wanted to take this amp to the meet on Sat but I forgot to order that part.  >:(  I don't think ordering from digikey will reach me in time unless I pay $64 to overnight the 8oz package.

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