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Megatron Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

kevin gilmore

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I have a few PCB sets available for this amp, US $75 plus shipping.  The boards were made by PCBnet in the US, 0.093" thick with 4 Oz copper.  The set is three PCBs (Megatron amp board, KGSSHV PSU board and one Stax jack PCB).  To be clear, this is not the latest Megatron that Kevin posted on Oct 22nd.  These were made two weeks before. 



Do you still have the board sets? If you do can you please check on postage to Wellington, NEW ZEALAND and advise? I would like to purchase one set.





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I bought a board set from jdineshk ; the power supply board is labeled version 1.1, and the amp board is labeled version .21


Is there a BOM that I can use with these?  A schematic that matched would be good, too.....  I've looked through this thread (albeit not exhaustively) and can't find anything I'm confident is a match.



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Not a chance in hell that those are real.

Depends I bought mine from Aliexpress from a seller selling a whole bunch of jfets and rare transistors including the 1968. Purchased 10 for cheap and passed them onto a friend who has a diy BH based off headwize but needed a few because he shorted them by accident, tested the 1968's fine and has been rocking solid since with no fireworks and abnormal behaviour in the amp.

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That is crazy. They were about $8.00 a year ago or so.

BTW, I am just finishing my design for the amplifier case and expect to send it to FrontPanel this week.

Very time consuming but keep triple checking everything afraid of making a 700.00 mistake :(

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