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2013 Tour de Cure Orlando aka Raffy's first local charity ride


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So I signed up for the 2013 Tour de Cure in Orlando on March 17, 2013 and joined my local shop's team - Winter Park Cycles. Most of you guys know I love cycling and I'm a sucker for these rides/bike fests. More importantly, the Tour de Cure is a ride that benefits the American Diabetes Association.This cause is near and dear to my heart as my cousin and close friend, Angelo is a Type 1 Diabetic and I am riding for him. We grew up together and we are very close even though he's back home in the Philippines and I'm here in the USA. 


Anyway, I am posting here to shamelessly ask for donations. No amount is too small and every dollar matters :) 


Please click on this link for my personal Tour de Cure page.


Raffy's Personal Page


Thanks in advance to the HC family for your support! 

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No need to apologize Steve!


I'd like to thanks everyone for their generous donations! I know we all have daily expenses here so I realize your donation means some sort of sacrifice on your part, may it be not buying your daily coffee for a week, holding off on a purchase, picking up less beer on your beer run, etc. It really means a lot to me and just reinforces the awesomeness of this community.


You guys rock! :)


BTW, here's tomorrow's 45 mile training ride. It's towards a part of town I've never rode at yet and it approaches towards Lake county which is somewhat hilly. It's about 1,200 feet of elevation gain. Hopefully no winds tomorrow morning!



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Did the ride yesterday....it was chilly out at 730am but turned out to be a nice day as the sun came out. It was a lovely day to go out riding and this one of the biggest bike events I've been too - there were 1,500 riders. I wish I had my HC Bike Team (esp. the South FL crew) with me but it's still very early in the season, we'll have plenty of opportunities to ride.


Thank you all VERY MUCH again for the generous support! :)

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