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Rebuilding my HT rig


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1 hour ago, swt61 said:

So I have an issue with my HT rig. My Integra DTC 9.8 Pre/Pro stopped outputting sound about two years back. I replaced it with a used Integra DHC 80.2. Recently it has stopped outputting sound as well. Apparently it's a well known issue with the chip overheating in many Onkyo/Integra units. My Aeriel Acoustics Model 8 speakers need a lot of power to sing, and my Rotel RMB 1095 five channel amp provides plenty, so I'm not looking to go the receiver route.

Just looking for a decent Pre/Pro, other than Onkyo/Integra. I'm really looking for a used model that I don't have to invest a large sum into. HDMI in/out preferred, but could make an older unit work for me if it has an optical digital input.

If anyone has a unit they're not using and would like to sell, or if you know of a deal somewhere? I only use L C R speakers, not using rear speakers. So an uber channel model isn't at all necessary. Any suggestions welcomed, thanks!

Maybe contact the seller and go pick this up?



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