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The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2


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I had some comments back so I've made the following changes:

  • I reversed the SE and balanced outputs
  • I fixed a mistake in the schematic for the negative off-board voltage regulator

Thanks to Kevin (of course), Birgir, Marshall and Joachim for your feedback :D

Here's what might be the final...





Edited by Kerry
Error on one of the pics
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maybe i just got a bad batch, but i had a lot of trouble with the Alpha pots and plan to stop offering it in the GS-X mk2. A large percentage of them have a noticeable lump at a particular point when turning it. Sometimes you have to have a large knob attached first and then turn it slowly to find the spot. but around half of them ended up in the trash 

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1 hour ago, kevin gilmore said:

fine, cram the new digital attenuator in there. should be enough room.

Not going to be easy. I started thinking about it. A couple of daughter boards might do the trick. It would be nice to have a modular solution.

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