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Openly gay boys finally allowed in the Boy Scouts!


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So the BSA's previous stance resulted in 70% of troops run by religious organizations, became more conservative, couldn't keep up with society, and now some of those organizations are threatening to leave. Ah the dangers of choosing the wrong side.

I've written one peice of hate mail in my life and it was years ago to the BSA (they were requesting donations to fight "outsider influence" on this issue) so it's funny to see them suffering now, but obviously also sad to anyone who grew up in the scouts as I did.

Also props to the Girl Scouts for not going down this path.

EDIT: Here's the announcement. For all the talk of "doing what's best/right" in scouting (anyone remember the anti-piracy/copyright badge?) it's a practical speech. "What are we gonna do? Hey, lawsuits!"

Still... change from the inside.


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I want to bang my head against a wall when I see stuff like this.  I know I should be happy that there is progression, but it makes me angry that this is even something that has had to progress.


So, "Congratulations, BSA, for making this large step in your organization.  It's about time, you fucking halfwits."

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