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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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That is old King's Cross station in London, probably around late forties.  It was massively remodeled in the 1960's through to present time and now could be a station just about anywhere.


Looks like this now 




But at least it boasts platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter movies.

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Reminds me as a prop for the joke.


Married man brings glass of water and 2 aspirin to wife.


Wife:  "What's this for, I don't have a headache...?"


MM:  "Well then..." (starts undoing his belt)


I think it's from the 60s that joke, when the running gag was "not tonight, I have a headache".

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Could you write, without too much trouble, code that expresses the fact that my faux-nephew Colin is graduating High School next week, to wit: 

Phase I: Childhood : Complete. 
Phase2: Primary School: Complete
Phase 3 (College) Open...

It would be an interesting challenge. No worries if you can't ... Just thought it would be a cool puzzle for him to solve.  Java, C++, does't matter. Whatever you can do.


/* Don't remember what I did here */

Colin.education_level := Kindergarten;

/* ...more hand-waving... */

Colin.education_level := elementary_school;

while (Colin.education_level <= 6) do



Colin.education_level_completed := elementary_school;

Colin.education_level := high_school;

while (Colin.grade_level < 12) do



Colin.education_level_completed := high_school;

Colin.education_level := college;

while (Colin.education_level_completed <> college) do





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