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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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The greatest letter ever written. What a rollercoaster ride.

A great anecdote in the paper about Douglas Bader, the double-amputee English WWII fighter ace.  

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This really fucking sucks.  For a government that claims to be conservative, they're really bad at it unless you happen to be an oil company.  

A bunch of my favourite bands have been on Facebook today saying that they won't be able to tour Canada again as a result of these new rules.


Yep, saw this on Moonsorrow's FB page.  So... a good idea to raise revenue is to discourage pretty much the only source of good music these days, eh?  Oh, I see... a thinly veiled nationalistic slant.  And when nobody can afford to come over and headline smaller venues and have the local bands open for them, how does this help the locals, exactly?  Morons.


Unfortunately, it's not just Canada.  I read I think it was Riverside's comments a while ago that touring the US is currently cost prohibitive in part because of the insane fees and licences involved.  Such bullshit.  We should be PAYING these people to come over, because it will help the damn economy and put more people to work.  Jesus!  I should run for President...

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Photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan (emerged before Samurai)


U.S. Air Force bombs create a curtain of flying shrapnel and debris barely 200 feet beyond the perimeter of South Vietnamese ranger positions defending Khe Sanh during the siege of the U.S. Marine base, March 1968. The photographer, a South Vietnamese officer, was badly injured when bombs fell even closer on a subsequent pass by U.S. planes. (AP Photo/ARVN, Maj. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh)





lol, 80s.



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Oh, man, I hadn't even noticed that.  Apparently so, yes.  Although...two shells of .45-70?  That thing would recooooiiiil...


Also, how can you think of questions like that when boobies?  This edition of rec.misc.pics brought to you by the after midnight edition of Knucks'* slower forum.


Pronounced, nuh-xez

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