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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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My stab at them was, “The Four Worst Men of the Apocalypse”.


This is me, seeing if I can follow directions without shutting down my iPad:



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On the next episode of Very Gay in Space.










24 year old James Dean and the "Little Bastard" at a gas station in 1955, hours before his fatal car accident.  That car is cursed.



Storr rock formation, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.



Boot Arch Inbetween Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney. Alabama Hills, California.  Click for slightly larger.

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This is long, but fascinating. A serious Scottish rock scrambler going up Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis. This is Grade 3 - the highest grade, with some spectacular exposure.


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I wish I could do this (left as an exercise for the reader whether I mean retract my neck like the seal, or if I could push on a seal's nose and have it retract its head like the woman):


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The reality is more and more cities are going this way.

Nobody really watches the screens. They're just background noise until something happens.

Then they playback to find the perp and post the picture with a reward.

Most of the city crime gets solved by hot anonymous tips that pay money.

the caller gets a claim number and if it leads to an arrest, they can get paid.


The bulk of the people in the rows by the big screens are there to monitor calls coming in,

not watch the screens.


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