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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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The greatest letter ever written. What a rollercoaster ride.

A great anecdote in the paper about Douglas Bader, the double-amputee English WWII fighter ace.  

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Mazzy Star live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien 23 August 1994:

The highlight of this video is 6'4 Conan offering a handshake to 5 foot nothing Hope Sandoval at the end.  She is infamously shy and reserved and it shows in her reaction.  Also RIP David Roback.  Remember when him dying was the worst thing that happened this year?

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"It’s like Jack black and Joe exotic made a meth baby."
















"Little man with a big eraser / changing history" 







"The last two... One is an insufferable blonde who likes to throw tantrums and has this weird toxic relationship with the fans who are desperate enough to gang on anyone who doesn't like their icon.

The other is Taylor Swift."















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I wish we had a thumbs up option. "Like" is too weak to attach to that Pie diatribe. Brilliant as usual, and makes the point that even dictatorships are remaining silent regarding the orange menace's defeat.

And on behalf of the rest of the non-dictatorial world - hoo fucking ray! Bye bye to Trump and his miserable cohort of acolytes, and welcome to someone who is actually presidential.

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Kruder & Dorfmeister
3h  · 
This is one o of four art prints we had photographed by our friend @maxparovsky of items that were of stellar importance to make our album „1995“.
This print shows one of the many record cases we used over the years.
When we started out, there was no metal or aluminium DJ cases like that one.
The first record case you could get, was made out of hard pressed cardboard with plastic handles and plastic corners to protect the edges.
Those were good enough for the DJ who needed to bring his valuable records to a club or a bar in his hometown via a taxi or a friend who gave you a ride.
They were certainly not build for the world traveling DJ - they hated to get shoved around or get rained on or dropped down a flight of stairs or what else you might have inside the inner womb of an airport. We learned this lesson quickly, when one of Richards cardboard boxes did not make it to the finish line at the Vienna Airport in one piece, and all his records were scattered over the luggag conveyer belt one by one. The records were not happy at all, but all of them survived that incident.

If this record case pictured here could talk, it could write volumes of sweaty clubs, exquisite hotel rooms, bumpy rides in a million different trunks but most of all endless stories about the precious black gold that was kept inside - protected and forever save from harm. Those cases were like badges of honor, a passport that open every door to the world for us. We had always at least two of those with us, packed to the maximum capacity just like the clubs we played, for longer tours we had three each.
Our backs, shoulders and spines not to forget about the extended joints in our arms from carrying 30 kilos on each side five days a week, are still endlessly annoyed that we did not get a proper job, like some of our friends, and just collect some records on the side. No, we had to play in every single village around the world were there was 2 turntables and a mixer, and that numerous times. And yes, our hurting bodies had a week-long massive celebration the day we switched to Laptops and CDs for DJing. Kudos to each and everyone who still whups those cases around, may your back forgive you


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