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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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This post will not make much sense.  There's a regular in my group of gaming friends who goes by Redeko.  Naturally, I always refer to him as "Dorko," usually in the same intonation as David Lee Roth saying "Sit down, Waldo."  One of the many idiot behaviors I get up to with said gaming group is making memes that are so many layers of in-jokes even the subjects themselves don't entirely understand them.  Redeko works at a sandwich shop, owns an RE-20 microphone, and recently bought a new car and a 4K webcam (because those are a thing now.)  I memes I usually represent him as a sandwich, because of his job:



One of the other MicS members has been harping on the fact that Redeko IRL looks like a SoundCloud rapper named Yung Gravy and I should use him instead of a sandwich to represent Dorko:




After completing the above two 'Shops, I made the mistaking of listening to a Yung Gravy song.  The track that made him famous, in fact:


It's not just that I'm old.  Your music is BAD.  I had to dig up one of my favorite hip hop songs of all time just to feel okay again.

I am biased by having been exactly at the right age in 1991, but this is an entire genre and subculture peaking in one track.

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My Aunt Molly and her husband Ken owned an African Grey parrot. It used to speak in Ken's voice - so when Ken died, it was kind of freaky to hear this bird speaking in dead Ken's voice.

It is apparently a real problem; often a bereaved person cannot cope with a bird talking in their dead partner's voice and have to sell the bird.

An African Grey can live up to 80 years. About 10 years ago a reporter for our current affairs radio channel (Radio 4) tracked down Churchill's ancient African Grey, which had ended up owned by a garden center. It must have been a slow news day:

"Does it speak in Churchill's voice?","Well, not really. It's very old and doesn't say much at all", "OK - but Churchill was famous for swearing - does the parrot swear?", "Never head it swear".

Basically summarizing the story - Churchill's parrot fails to talk.

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