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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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I have a similar problem with my name. I used to say "Spelt like Tom but with an S at the end" until I realized that the vast majority of people haven't read much at all, let alone The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (which we did at school).

But I've seen so many spellings of my name. Sawyer is most common, but I've had Saunders, Saywers, Swayers and just about every variant under the sun.

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Me 3.....my last name, Samost, is quite unique.

I have been called Samos (and there is a cabinet-maker family near me with that name), or Samoset like the Native American Tribe.

When we first moved in our neighborhood, someone told me they were excited because they (didn't fully catch my name and) thought I may be related to John Stamos 😊

On the other hand, I love having this unique of a name.  Pretty sure that anyone with that last name in the USA is a blood or marriage relative.

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^^^ Nothing will beat Voltron-level! 😄

BTW, one additional funny point about my name: when I was looking to get the samost.com domain rights, I got notice it was already in use.  My first thought was a cousin of mine in NJ, he was very "internet aware" at the time, and I thought he may have reserved it.  But no....samost.com was used for a hotel chain in China!!  They've since given it up, and I claimed it; but that was a crazy find.



And now, samost.com.cn is for the "Samost Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd"

Has me curious if there is any connection....

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My mother's maiden name is Styants, which is pretty unusual (like Samost). Because it is so strange it is easy to trace back. I've got as far as the late 1600's, but its root is the Anglo-Saxon Stigand. In fact the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1066 when William of Normandy invaded was called Stigand. But clergy back then would commonly take a wife or two, and/or other women, so who knows - I might date back to a very naughty Archbishop 960 years ago.

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On 3/23/2022 at 8:38 AM, blessingx said:

I’ve been driving Esmé crazy with her new name. 


So we had the same server as last week. This week’s attempt at “Esmé”.  


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Posted (edited)



Dual 75" monitor setup.


OP's explanation:

Reposted comment with further context since my original comment got autoremoved when I linked to a comment in the other thread:

I've had this setup for a while and only just now occurred to me I don't think I've seen anything like my setup posted.

It's not very aesthetic, I just like having a lot of uninterrupted screen workspace without being constrained to windows being in fixed subareas like with other 3+ monitor setups I've seen. I'm generally a minimalist hence the floor setup so was almost going to call it that, but not sure that label would be fair seeing as it's, well, dual 75" 4K TVs...

With regular 28"/32" 4K monitors I was always at something like 175%-200% text scaling anyway because text is unreadably tiny at that size, so I realised I wasn't really utilising all the pixels I had at my disposal. So I figured it makes more sense to just get a larger screen so I can actually be at 100%-125% text scaling, and just sit as close to a large screen TV as I would be if it was a quad 1080 monitor setup on a desk.

Edit: Since a few people are commenting about input-lag/latency issues, I don't game on this so no idea, this is just my setup for general computing. I probably wouldn't use this setup as-is for any gaming use-case.

Edit: People keep asking about specs but it's really not very exciting, driving dual 4K displays for general computing use-cases does not require much grunt at all. I repurposed my old gaming PC from a long time ago to be this HTPC, it's just an i7 4790 and a GTX 970 and they are not working hard at all to run both at 60hz.

Edit: Further context a bunch of people asking/commenting about:

I've been tuning/experimenting with this setup for about a year, and I have another vanilla desk setup which has all the trimmings and ergonomics you'd expect from PCMR (incl where my mech kb is for you elitists). Over time I found I unknowningly just tended towards being at this setup most of the time instead of my desk for most use-cases, so it seems to just naturally work better for me and my processes. The desk setup is also where I do videoconf so I don't draw attention to myself at work.

I use a lightweight non-mech keyboard on this because on occasion it does go on my lap, but most of the time it's fine on the side with one hand and the other on the mouse. With modern code autocomplete and other advanced text editor features I find there's actually not that much manual keyjamming of every single character that happens in programming nowadays to require typing with both hands, I've found the majority of the time I don't feel the need to move it to my lap. A mech would just be that tiny extra bit more bulky and weighty to add friction to that transition when I do want it.

With the speaker placement, I got all my audio gear a long time ago before I joined the army, but now have some high frequency hearing loss from all the shooting, so squeezing out that tiny bit of extra audio fidelity from the tweeter angle doesn't matter as much to me anymore.

Text clarity of the screens is perfect. I downscaled the photos a little to try to discourage people snooping at what exactly every character on screen was and taking away from the spirit of this post.

I've tried window managers with snapping etc, it just doesn't work for me. I find I run into the same issue as with multi-monitor setups that it just becomes constraining if i have preset fixed zones. Apparently my natural processes like to be extermely freeform with my windows.

A lot of people bringing up VR, I also use VRDesktop with an Oculus Go when I'm feeling exceptionally lazy and want to work from bed. The screens are overall more comfortable than having the weight/pressure of something on your head for extended periods.

Keyboard: Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech MX Ergo Trackball
Speakers: JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors and LSR310S Subwoofer (pre mkII)
TV: Blaupunkt 75", I just found the cheapest panels I could find for the size/res, they were about $1,000 each.
TV Stands: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07MT87SN5/ and https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07DCK3Q9J
Chair: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VCJJF6G
Side 'Tables': Minimal speaker stands I had custom-made by a metal shop for the LSR305s back when they were on the desk, just happened to be about the right height so repurposed them.


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I went down several internet rabbit holes this weekend.  The first was rare versions of the white album by the Beatles.  Given that it's arguably the most famous album by the most famous rock n roll band of all time, I expected some doozies.  I found fewer than expected, but I did discover a few notable examples:

The 1982 MFSL half speed master shouldn't surprise anyone.  TBH I expected a 4 record version, maybe at 45RPM.

The 1968 US mispress from the wrong master is something I remember hearing about but had never bothered to actually look at.  I'm vaugely curious what it sounds like.

There are a number of vintage open reel versions: 1968 UK mono, 1968 UK stereo, 1968 US stereo and 1970 US stereo.  Weirdly, none of these are that well regarded among analogue snobs.  US and UK stereo '68 suffer from lousy mixes and poor mastering.  1970 US has better mastering but has all sorts of edits to the songs to cut time.  Yuck.

This is where things get weird.  There are a couple PlayTape versions, which is some weird cousin of the 8-track.  There was also an initial version on 4 track cartridge, which was a format I'd never heard of before.  I asked a friend of mine who is enough older than me to remember it and he said (twice) "Madman Muntz!" to which I said "WAT." and then saw just how far the rabbit hole went.

Earl William "Madman" Muntz was a man who was (in)famous in the mid 20th century for selling anything any everything.  He designed (borrowing heavily of course) his own radios, TVs, tape format and even a car called the Muntz Jet.  He was married 7 times, dated Phyllis Diller and was friends with Dick Clark.  I was peripherally aware of him because I saw one of his Muntz TVs at an antique auction in the late 80s.  At that time my father didn't deal in TVs so he had no interested in it.

I did a YouTube search for Muntz and found this:

An entire documentary on him that's an hour and 47 minutes.  I'm sure it will exceed the interest of ...everyone on HC, but I found it fascinating.  






The car was pretty cool looking, at any rate.


Next up: the horror if AI generated faces and music.

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Replied in another thread.  Just read that Jada has a medical condition that causes hair loss, and has been public about it.  So I think Will Smith still overreacted, but the joke-writer is a complete douche as well....and I'd have to assume Chris Rock knew about that, and even HE would have tempered or not done the joke.

In other words, Steve is most likely correct....

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