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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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Okay, this is kind of horrible but I can't keep it to myself.  I presume all of Head Case knows about Ben Shaprio at this point.  Some of you may even know that he's got a sister.  She has her own YouTube presense and has, ahem, a couple notable characterisitcs of her own.  #1 huge tracts of land and #2 the exact same mouth as her older brother.  Naturally, the internet is fascinated with her, in all sorts of humorous and creepy ways.  

This screencap of one of her videos went viral last summer:



TIL someone turned said screencap into one of those 3D mousepads usually reserved for anime waifus:


This has been your moment of existential horror.

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So, this week Family Guy had a musical segment featuring a song 'loving you". I liked it and thought I had heard it before.  It took a lot more searching that I would have thought to find an old show tune. But in the end, I found it - in the movie - She's Working Her Way Through College - 1952 (sounds more suggestive than it is)

A Reagan flick.


I'll Be Loving You
Music by Vernon Duke
Lyrics by Sammy Cahn
Performed by Virginia Mayo (dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams) and Gene Nelson

It has a very impressive dance sequence - I could see there being many accidents and injuries. 

Family Guy Version. -- probably will get blocked at some point.

Okay back to watching Bob's Burgers.

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Oh boy.  So Sports Illustrated featured a plus sized model named Yumi Nu on the cover of their swimsuit issue.


Everyone's favorite Kermit Thee Frog sounding Canadian self-help grifted Doctor Jordan B. Peterson had to open his big yapper about it:


Things did not go well for him.  I have not seen a public evisceration like this in a while.  










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Why is there still a sports illustrated? 

Why a sexist swimsuit issue trying to be all woke

with a heavier cover girl?

I thought the internet would make all this go away.

Instead they are doubling down. It's 2022, where are all 

the flying cars at?

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