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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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I have a good friend who used to work on the security gate of a military airfield. They regularly would get some five star general, having waited in line, saying "Have you any idea who I am" to which the reply from the security team was to announce loudly "Excuse me everyone - this gentleman seems to be confused who he is. Can anyone help him?"

At which point they would do a thorough security check on his vehicle "Can you take your luggage out of the boot sir. Can you open them" - you get the drift!

Only the foolish fuck with security staff.

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The horrors of Derna, with an estimated >20,000 dead as a result of two poorly maintained dams bursting, is alas a direct result of a state ruled over by two opposing political parties and inevitable lack of maintenance of infrastructure.

That said, there have been apocalyptic storms battering central Europe and North Africa over the last month or so

Madrid Spain https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/subway-train-lines-roads-closed-madrid-central-spain-after-heavy-rain-2023-09-04/

Greece https://floodlist.com/europe/greece-floods-september-2023

Bulgaria https://floodlist.com/europe/bulgaria-floods-september-2023-update

Georgia https://floodlist.com/asia/georgia-floods-landslide-september-2023

Slovenia https://floodlist.com/europe/slovenia-floods-august-2023

Turkey https://floodlist.com/asia/turkey-black-sea-floods-july-2023

Russia https://floodlist.com/europe/russia-hundreds-evacuated-after-floods-damage-200-homes-in-sochi


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