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The Abyss


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Okay, in the end the problems in the treble and the huge price tag stopped me from putting it on the Wall of Fame, but I still enjoyed them quite a bit.





I'm wondering if other have heard the noise confusing the treble that I did?

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Heard it at the LA meet yesterday. c/p from impressions thread:


I only really listened to the Abyss (wanted to hear the KingSounds but they were stuck in customs).  They looked worse in person than in pictures, especially while adjusting the pivot on top.  Fit was unsettling but not painful.  I listened through the DNA Stratus and CA LAu.  This headphone seemed like it had extremes in strengths/weaknesses.  The bass was great, and the soundstage was really big.  They were quite detailed for an ortho I think.  The imaging was a little strange to me - diffuse for sure, but hard panned sounds were very distracting, perhaps due to the depth of the earpads.  Mids sounded a bit off at times, but I'm not sure how to describe it.  Purrin asked me if I meant 'hollow' and I guess that kinda describes it.  Unfortunately the treble was a mess.  The bass was high end, the mids were mid fi, and the treble was low-fi.

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Tyll, thanks for another great review.


Did this listening session change your mind about how well the HD800s stack up to the SR-009s?  In an earlier comparison, you found the SR-009s to be in another league with all attributes but imaging.  Do you still feel this way, or have the HD800 mods plus L-2 changed the equation?

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Great review, indeed......like the shout-outs for the L2 and BHSE......

^ this ... practically said the L-2 was the solution to HD800 amp issues. 8)   Of course the BHSE with SR009 is an end game.


As for the headphones, this is just an appearance comment, but I can't understand why people want to design a Dr. Who - Cybermen headphone frame.  Even the SR-009 has that kind of appearance when you see someone put them on.  The SR-007 was much more graceful, IMHO.



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