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Group Buy for KG's Boards (2nd)

Lil Knight

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I've received the quote from the factory.


The price is a bit higher than last time, considering there has been 25-30% increase in cost during the last 2 years. Plus, the quantity is only half as many as last time.


To make it clear again, here are the details for what include in the board sets:


+ KGSSHV offboard: 2x offboard + 1x mini PSU


+ KGSSHV onboard: 2x mini onboard + 1x mini PSU


+ Dynahi onboard: 2x mini Dynahi onboard. NO PSU.


+ Megatron: 1x amp + 1x mini PSU


+ KSA5: 1x amp + 1x original PSU


+ Squarewave: 4x amp + 2x original PSU


It's terribly hard to guesstimate the correct shipping cost for each, so I'd just go ahead and charge a flat $22 for Airmail with registered number. If the actual cost is more or less, I will contact each.


Please take a look at the spreadsheet again to make sure I got everything right, especially the Extra Requirements. I am pretty unclear about some of the entries.


I will begin to take payment after a couple of days, after everyone is ok with your total.

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