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California Audio Show - Aug. 9-11, 2013 (dates corrected)


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Thinking about it, Saturday perhaps


or perhaps not.


Or Perhaps, Even if Justin only only gets one mention now


His two systems don't look too shabby



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There's actually just one system.

Been doing some tweaking this week and I think it's gonna sound pretty cool.


Just so any attendees know, the vendors will be in the Sequoia/Redwood ballroom while the Headmasters meet will be across the hall.

The meet is on Saturday only while the vendors will be there Friday-Sunday.


Oops, guess I should say that I'll be running the booth for Justin at this event.

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I'll be at the other California Audio Show going on at the same time. You know... The one that isn't for dorks.



Shit, didn't even know about that one! (goes ta show how out of touch I am,.. and dorky)

If I wasn't working the show, I was planning to go to the San Jose Jazz Fest.




Looking forward to forcing all of you guys to listen to a tape or two!

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Pretty fun actually.

Things were hopping pretty good until about 4pm when the whole show started to thin out.

A gazillion pictures were taken of the booth and my ugly mug. A few from some journalists too (could HeadAmp get a cameo in "Gentry" magazine?).

Had a few buddies stop by to give me grief and I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of stupid questions.


I'm looking forward to seeing some HC presence Saturday.

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