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RIP some fuck or another

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Thanks Stan !

You made me dream of a world full of fantasy, with super heroes, villains and stories from other parallel worlds.

This world is now a sad place without you, without your humor and your imagination. Luckily you left us a great legacy, your super heroes and your villains today cry for you ... and me too.

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57 minutes ago, n_maher said:

RIP and thanks for sharing all the stories, Stan.  95 ain't such a bad run.

^^ This ^^

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michael.chabon. Some people are influences. Others—a rare few—rearrange the very structure of your neurons. #StanLee’s creative and artistic contribution to the Marvel pantheon has been debated endlessly, but one has only to look at #JackKirby’s solo work to see what Stan brought to the partnership: an unshakable humanism, a faith in our human capacity for altruism and self-sacrifice and in the eventual triumph of the rational over the irrational, of love over hate, that was a perfect counterbalance to Kirby’s dark, hard-earned quasi-nihilism. In the heyday of their partnership, it was Stan’s vision that predominated and that continues to shape my way of seeing the world, and of telling stories about that world, to this day.


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