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RIP someone or another

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Matilda, my 15 year old cat I've had since she was a kitten passed this morning.

Condolences, Wayne. My brother in law got killed in a bike accident this afternoon. 38yo, father of two, 6 and 3 yo kids. I can't find words to say how stupid and nonsensical is this.

Some of you have seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to post it here as well. I don't feel like typing up anything different, but I love you guys and wanted to share this. Today marks the 25th annive

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20 minutes ago, Voltron said:

RIP Glen. And fuck Alzheimers while you're at it!

This.  RIP.  

Strange coincidence: I was pointing someone just this morning to one of my favorite covers of his, Ghost Of An American Airman's Wichita Lineman.  Pretty sure she didn't know he passed, I certainly didn't.

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6 hours ago, n3rdling said:

RIP Glen


Damn! Would I have loved to be in that audience! Glen Campbell, Bobby Bare, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark and Crystal Gayle! And that's just the few I could readily pick out from the camera angles.

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14 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

RIP Glen Campbell. So many songs that are part of my life.


16 hours ago, Voltron said:

RIP Glen. And fuck Alzheimers while you're at it!

and This!

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11 hours ago, guzziguy said:

@Torpedo - So your name really is Antoine, eh? emoji2.png

I'm not sure I'm getting the drift, but funnily enough my mother frequently called me Antoine. When I was a kid and my parents didn't want me to understand what they were talking about, they spoke in French, both were very fluent. Probably that helped to open some neural paths in different ways than Jerry ;D. It's a pity all American movies were dubbed to Spanish.

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