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RIP someone or another


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RIP Fats. 

And RIP Robert Guillaume at 89. I worked in the media department for California Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy while Benson was on TV. We set up an event for the real and fictional Lt. Governors and I got to meet Mr. Guillaume briefly and observe the event. He was just as suave and gracious as he was on TV. 

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That reminds me of an guy I did some work for and got to know a little. He died in a small aircraft that crashed off the coast of So Cal.

While I was working on his house I noticed some pictures in his study (he was a lawyer) of some old Marine airplanes. Turns out he flew in Korea (peace keeping unit I guess). He told me some great stories and it was obvious that he still loved to fly.

A decade or so after that I heard that he'd died when his engine conked out while he was over Northridge. It's said that he must have known he'd never make a safe landing so he turned out to sea where he died.

RIP Rodger Maino

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Oh no!  I remember listening to AC/DC repeatedly as a young teen walking and riding my BMX bike around a suburb of Chicago.  Couldn't get enough of them.  Changed the way I looked at music and the style I focused on for a long while.  Their tunes suited where I was in life along with a few other hard hitting bands back in the very early '80's.

Godspeed, Malcolm...  You left a mark on many of us.


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Wow - Malcolm Young. AC/DC played the University I was at (Southampton, UK) in 1975 or 1976. This was in the dining hall on a makeshift stage we used to build out of Dexion framing and floorboards. As one of the crew that used to build the stage and help the roadies haul gear out of the trucks, you got to see the concert free. Saw some great bands back then on that tiny stage. It was before my time there, but The Who even played there as did Zeppelin. These megabands played to a student audience, with zero security. Capacity was about 500 crammed in like sardines.

But AC/DC defeated me. Even aged 20 or so, I found them to be ear splittingly loud. So instead I listened to them through several doors up in the Stage office and even then it was quite loud.

But Malcolm Young dying of dementia at the age of 64 is often caused by long term drug use. It is a miracle that Ozzie Osbourne has survived without a terminally fritzed brain.

And Manson? - good. What a piece of work he was.

AC/DC flyer including the Southampton gig

Image result for ac/dc southampton university

Horribly off-topic, but this is Zeppelin in 1973 crammed onto a tiny area at Southampton University old refectory.

Image result for old refectory southampton

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