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RIP someone or another


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Wow.  Time marches on ruthlessly...

Ed King...Godspeed, sir.  Just watched a great documentary on the band that included interviews with Ed.  Playing on Showtime if memory serves me.  Worth a watch if you are so inclined.

RIP, Senator McCain.  You carved your own path and seemed to always be true to yourself.  This political environment could use more like you...


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RIP Claire Wineland...  (@21yo)

Claire Wineland, who inspired millions on YouTube chronicling her cystic fibrosis battle, dies after lung transplant



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RIP Claire....such a beautiful woman with an incredible message.

One of our family friends has two kids with CF, and some great strides have been made, with one type of CF potentially having a cure!  Unfortunately, our friends' kids have a different type.  But they are both coping, with meds, exercise, diet changes, etc.  Yet they still face many of the same challenges this young lady faced.  They are both in college and doing as well as possible.

Wishing all the best to her family, friends, and all those impacted by CF in some way or another.


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Man, RIP Burt.

I remember so vividly the late '70s kids' birthday parties where the Dad would rent a projector and pin a sheet to the wall and you knew you were going to get either "Smokey and the Bandit" or "Every Which Way but Loose."

Either way the film would always break in the middle and there'd be a lot of cursing and rethreading while we all rioted around high on cake and Fanta Grape. Good times.

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