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RIP someone or another


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This is very local to me, but the manager of the club where I used to do lights for a decade died recently.





Don was one of the sane adults I talked to in the sea of drunken, tripping children that was the mid 00s drum n bass and house music scene.  The club we worked in a seedy place, but I really enjoyed talking to him and some of the other elder staff.  They'd seen enough insanity and still had appreciation for the music that it was an inspiration for me to put up with as much shit as I did and not go bonkers.

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RIP Alexander Hyland, 25, Elementary school teacher, Tacoma, WA.

My buddy Alex died yesterday. He had a brain tumor and after multiple surgeries and treatments, just couldn't beat it. One of the last things he said to me was "I'm Scared."

He was one of the most interesting people I've met, even though I've known him but a short time. I met him through Mensa when I first went to a Mensa of Western Washington event. His mother (our prez) introduced us, and we hit it off immediately. A formidable foe in a match of wits, and on more than one occasion he wore a shirt that said "I had brain surgery; what's your excuse?" He wore this while wearing gauze on his head covering electrodes tied to basically an industrial strength TENS unit mated to his head, in a bag he carried around.

At the end, his mother wouldn't let anyone but close family in to the hospital to see him, even though he had many friends who wanted to be there. It feels like he died alone, even though we were just outside the proverbial door. We had some good conversations in the weeks leading up to his passing, but this one hurts. He was my favorite person of the new people I've met here, and I've lost too many fucking people lately.

We planned on having a drink together, but with his meds when we met, we couldn't. By the time we could, it was too late. Alex, tonight, for you, I'll bring out the biggest gun I have -- usually saved for celebrations, but today, in memoriam.


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