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RIP someone or another


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Thanks Stan !

You made me dream of a world full of fantasy, with super heroes, villains and stories from other parallel worlds.

This world is now a sad place without you, without your humor and your imagination. Luckily you left us a great legacy, your super heroes and your villains today cry for you ... and me too.

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michael.chabon. Some people are influences. Others—a rare few—rearrange the very structure of your neurons. #StanLee’s creative and artistic contribution to the Marvel pantheon has been debated endlessly, but one has only to look at #JackKirby’s solo work to see what Stan brought to the partnership: an unshakable humanism, a faith in our human capacity for altruism and self-sacrifice and in the eventual triumph of the rational over the irrational, of love over hate, that was a perfect counterbalance to Kirby’s dark, hard-earned quasi-nihilism. In the heyday of their partnership, it was Stan’s vision that predominated and that continues to shape my way of seeing the world, and of telling stories about that world, to this day.


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Lost a dear friend, a truly gentle, beautiful man who was ever so kind hearted and generous with his time, and an incredibly talented and graceful musician... yesterday... to mental health issues that eventually could no longer be contained. We kind of knew it was coming, but it's a tough train to stop. He reached out, he was embraced, he knew that he had support, and yet we all knew, somehow, that this day would come. He had a million and one friends. 

We will surely miss you, Jon. You were everywhere all the time, forever performing and greeting everyone with your amazing Caymanian smile. Our tiny Island weeps for your tender and tortured soul. You always said that your music was your solace, peace, and grace, and that everything else was pure torture and never made sense. Hope you packed well for your next journey.

Tonight is the opening event for the Christmas season here, a tree lighting ceremony that I perform at in front of 5,000 people. Jon was always backstage, every single year, to joke around and keep us all calm before we went on. But mostly to just be there for me as a friend, and to be a part of it. Told me once that it was the only Saturday night that he didn't book for the entire year because a backstage pass with Santa and his elves was just too much fun to miss... and now this.

Anyway (sigh), that's him on the right.


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