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RIP someone or another


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Thank you very much for your support and well wishes, guys. I can't really explain how helpful it is to read about your caring, and how hard this hit. The saddest part ended this morning with the cremation, but the toughest part, the getting back to normal for the widow and her kids, is starting soon.

RIP George. Condolences Mikey. I wish Stretch's desires become true.

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So George H.W. Bush is out.


And before Grahame posted it, looks like the Post hadn't yet updated all the information:


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RIP, George. 

Clearly a very principled man who did what he thought was right. He brought dignity to the office. 

I’m not so sure history will judge him kindly. Reading the NYT obit I was stunned by some of his actions. The world was a different place in the 90s, but while some help progress, others stand in its way. 


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There was an excellent eulogy by one of our ex Prime Ministers, John Major. On the Radio 4 current affairs Today programme. He got to know Bush very well when they overlapped as PM and President. Even when they were long out of power, Major and his wife used to visit on a regular basis, including several times over the last couple of years when Bush was really ill.

He made the point that Bush's political philosophy was to have political adversaries, but never to see them as enemies. The comment above is a perfect example of that in practice.

One of an alas older generation of WWII active service politicians the like of which we won't see again.

RIP George W Bush


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RIP, George Sr.  You were my most respected president in my lifetime and you will be missed.  I hope you and Barbara are sipping coffee on a porch up in the sky and providing some inspiration to a time and place that has much to improve upon...


And I should add, my sincere apologies for not having passed on sincere condolences to all those that lost loved ones during this season.  For some reason I have not had the heart to come into this thread of late.  No excuses.


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Unexpectedly bummed out by the unexpected death of Paul Sherwen, professional cyclist and, more importantly to me, cycling commentator. Sad that I won't see him beside long time partner Phil Liggett any more because they have commentated all of the Tours de France I have followed starting in the late 80s. He competed in 7 and commentated in 33.  Commentate in peace, Mr Sherwen. 


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