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RIP someone or another

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Matilda, my 15 year old cat I've had since she was a kitten passed this morning.

Condolences, Wayne. My brother in law got killed in a bike accident this afternoon. 38yo, father of two, 6 and 3 yo kids. I can't find words to say how stupid and nonsensical is this.

Some of you have seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to post it here as well. I don't feel like typing up anything different, but I love you guys and wanted to share this. Today marks the 25th annive

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RIP Fred Hemke, classical saxophonist and former professor at Northwestern. I found out this past weekend he died on 4/17/19 at the age of 83.



This guy studied with Marcel Mule, who basically started the French school of classical saxophone. My teacher's teacher studied with Mule, and this guy was someone she looked up to for years (until he was a dick to her over the Dahl Concerto). Still, an incredibly important person in the community, and one that saddened me when I found out while I was, fittingly, in the middle of 1200+ musicians at a band festival in Canada with my daughter.

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1 hour ago, skullguise said:

RIP....as a kid I used to love Wild Kingdom....never really lost my fascination with animals.....

Same same.  I even referenced Wild Kingdom once when I caught an arc of guys staring at CGAW's ass (or so it seemed).

"Here, we see the female administratorus databasus in her natural element.  She lures the males into believing her submissiveness with her diminutive form, but we all know who wields the power here.  One of the males approaches, attempting to curry favour with a showing of his mastery of language...let's watch."

RIP the real deal.

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RIP Doris. 

I grew up with many of her movies. None of them great - but remember them fondly:

  • Calamity Jane (1953)
  • The Pajama Game (1957)
  • Pillow Talk (1959)
  • Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960)
  • Send Me No Flowers (1964)
  • With Six You Get Eggroll (1968)
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1 hour ago, skullguise said:

RIP Doris, sweet and beautiful.....

Already said my RIP for Peggy above, but had totally forgotten she was married to Quincy Jones, and mom to Rashida Jones (who I have loved in all but the last season of Angie Tribeca)

Oops. I glossed over it when looking for Doris.  ?

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RIP Doris and Peggy as well. Doris lived a good long life, though it seems like things in her personal life and experience(s) with men weren't so hot.

And Mod Squad... hehe, right on that that was the hippest show on TV back then. Solid!

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Doris Day - RIP. Always a joy to watch her classic movies. A long life, decidedly disastrous in her choice of men, and rather reclusive in later years.

And RIP Brian Waldon, UK political journalist, MP and rottweiler interviewer. His political interviews and comment was a much watch on a Saturday morning in the 80's is he put politicians on the rack.

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