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RIP someone or another


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This is a bit of an odd one. Anyone who has listened to my radio show knows I'm not a huge fan of psytrance.  With that said, I'm sad to find out about the passing of Olli Wisdom.  He  recorded a mass of albums and performed live as Space Tribe.  In the early 80s Olli was part of the goth rock band Specimen and ran the Batcave nightclub.  The club released a couple cassettes including one by the infamous industrial and proto power electronics act Whitehouse.  Olli got in early on the UK acid house revolutions (which took place when he was the tender age of ...30) and was active as a DJ since the early 90s.  I never met him, but I was aware of his presence and music for a good 25 years.  In a scene full of revered egos and people with vastly inflated senses of self-importance, Olli was a very down to earth greatly respected individual.  He was quite a character, too.  



There was a time when I'd have thought 63 was ancient and a ripe old age.  Now it's "ulp, that's not that far off is it?"

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I saw him in concert. It was at a high school gym in Anchorage. The power went out in the middle of the concert. Was off for about 45 minutes. He told stories in the dark the whole time, then finished the concert when the power came back on. Best concert ever!

RIP Tom.

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