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RIP to an old High School friend Chris.  He was So into music, both listening, and playing.  He fronted a rock/punk band in Salem, MA for many years.  Back in HS, he was heavy into the burgeoning punk scene, embracing the music and the style so very early.

Yet he was one of the most kind and decent people I knew.  He never drank or did drugs, he was so very tolerant of so many faults in others.  And he loved his family and his dogs (he loved Sheltie's) with a vengeance.

It sounds like he passed from COVID issues.  (EDIT: Bacterial Pneumonia brought on by Covid.  I'm pretty sure he was vaccinated too).  Fuck Fuck Fuck....

My very favorite story about Chris: a couple years after graduation, I found myself in our hometown.  Driving into a 5-way intersection in our downtown, I see Chris across the street.  He was dressed wearing a T-Shirt from the band Discharge.  I shouted out my window, "Hey, CHRIS....Discharge rules!"  And he shouts back, "YO, Discharge....oh, HEY Todd...!"  It was so much about the music for him.

I can't seem to stop the tears....every time I think of him they start to flow.

A pic from a few years ago, the 4 of us were pretty close in HS, Chris on the lower right.  And then a video of him and his dog Beau.

No photo description available.


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