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21 hours ago, n_maher said:

Yeah, Dave Grohl has to be gutted.  On tour, in Columbia, do not look forward to the details surrounding this as it is hard to imagine they'll be happy. 

This. I'm not a Foo fan but they are on the Howard Stern show a lot and Taylor tended to talk as much as Dave. They were just on recently to promote their goofy horror movie and he was super upbeat and joking about the ways Dave killed him and the others in the movie. ☹️

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Wow.  I just learned that a woman I knew in the mid-late 00s during the heyday of the 413 drum n bas scene died in January.  She was only 38.  The scuttlebutt, which I take with a dump truck sized grain of salt is that she got ahold of some cocaine laced with fetanyl.  I have no idea if that's remotely true.  Vicky was a wild an hedonistic girl in her 20s, but I never saw her hanging out with the cokheads.  What I remember about her was energetic, outgoing, uninhibited and uninterested in what other people thought of her.  She led charge among her group of friends on events like Camp Bisco (a huge music festival revolving around the jam band the Disco Biscuits) or just local DNB weekly event.  I know she rubbed a few people the wrong way, especially men who had a higher opinion of themselves than she did.  Certainly 38 is entirely too young an age for anybody to go, especially a speeding bullet like Victoria. 


Somewhat related, a dnb DJ I knew died last November, days after he turned 44.  His death was definitely due to a fetanyl overdose.  That shit is everywhere, being used to lace all sorts of things where one would not expect to find a synthetic opiate and it's frighteningly deadly.

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Oh man, I've been putting off writing this one.  I have 3 uncles, all on my mother's side.  The youngest is a really good dude who has been tasked with dealing with the aftermath of the bad actions of other family members for his entire life.  The oldest is an unimaginable piece of shit even by the standards of trash tier relatives.  I would not micturate on him were he on fire.  Sadly, he lives on at the age of 82, showing no signs of slowing down.

My third uncle, the middle one, was born retarded.  He spent some troubled times in the 1960s and 1970s in "state schools" which were horrible institutions in MA where all sorts of people with mental disabilities were dumped.  In those places my uncle experienced horrors we shall never know.  He was never verbal beforehand and was even less so after.  From family stories I know he was attacked by aggressive "patients" (not really an appropriate term, but it's what they used) and was more or less defenseless.  He'd show his trauma and pain by biting his own hands and the staff would notice the wounds.  How long this went on I cannot say, but it was a time period measured in years.

In the 1980s, he got out of the ellscape that the MA institutional system and into much more caring group homes.  In the 1990s, he moved in with a family who were paid by the state to take care of him.  Mercifully, they were a very caring group and took care of him quite well.  Late last year the matriarch of that family contacted my youngest uncle (the good one) and said they could no longer really take care of my retarded uncle.  That lead to a series bureaucratic headaches where my uncle eventually ended up back in MA institution.  Fortunately they aren't as bad as they once were.

Not too long after, my uncle contracted Covid.  He recovered, but he was 63 years old and not in great shape.  He was in and out of the hospital, most recently being treated for intestinal blockage.  He returned to the institution and died hours later.  His passing has been very hard on his surviving siblings (minus the asshole one, whose opinion to me on par with that one Mr. Putin.)  I think for my uncle it was a mercy.

What I observed of my uncle was that in spite of the horrors he experienced and witnessed, and his inability to communicate his suffering to anyone around him, he was an an amazingly sweet guy.  His limited expressions showed shyness, curiosity, good nature, humor and a kindness I seldom see in us "normal" people.  I tried to draw some inspiration from his kind spirit and find strength in his ability to rebound from trauma.

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