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RIP someone or another


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Two officers of the nearby Bristol police department: Sergeant Dustin Demonte, who lives in my hometown, & Officer Alex Hamzy were both shot & killed in the line of duty in an ambush attack on October 12. They leave behind wives & very young children (including one on the way). A third officer: Officer Alec Iurato was also seriously wounded by a gunshot, but thankfully survived.

I don't know what to say, other than this is another fucked-up, senseless tragedy impacting many families, the local community, and the nation at large, forever.

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Fucked up indeed. The article I saw last night suggested that the shooter was FB friends with Officer Hamzy, which adds another twisted element that Hamzy was targeted, as opposed to just cops in general. At least the asshole is dead too, but I don't know if he killed himself or the officers did it. 

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A long belated RIP to a cousin by marriage....my Stepfather's nephew Barry, who was a musician under the name Barri.

I found out from my Stepbrother just today that he had passed in 2020, apparently of some kind of cancer; he hadn't been in touch with the family in years so even my Stepbrother only just found out.

I have one of his CD's, it's a pretty darn good and musical one of modern Reggae influenced by some Roots.

This is a Promo pic from a single off his CD, he had dreadlocks down to his ankles!

Obit: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/itemlive/name/barri-cohen-obituary?pid=197826978


Barri Single Pic.jpg

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