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RIP someone or another


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Yeah, I'm not sure he ever got his big break in cinema. I was hoping.

It's a little hard to watch Homicide as everyone else was just trying to keep up with his acting (though Melissa Leo and Yaphet Kotto, both underused, at least were in the same universe). Braugher talking Vincent D'Onofrio through his last hour of life or begging his cardiologist to go off drugs for a few days to make love to his wife on their anniversary... so many scenes. I was sure he was going to jump fully to film after, but upon completion of Homicide he said his wife had sacrificed everything for his career and now it was time to reverse that. Minor roles in a few films, then success again in Brooklyn.  



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RIP my uncle, Jack Slatton


This happened just before the holidays, and it was a bit of a mad house since. Sadly, I wasn't able to make it back to TN with last-minute flights at Christmas/New Year's are crazy, but he was the glue that held all the families together. My mom is just lost without him, as she was his last remaining tie to her immediate family. They were really close.

I've been talking to my cousin, too. Uncle Jack had a heart attack, and my cousin Jeff was at the house. He wound up giving him CPR for 20 minutes before the ambulance showed up, but it was too late.

Jack was sober for just under 30 years (he just needed about 6 more months for that milestone), married for over 50, and was a good dude. I raised a few non-alcoholic beverages in his honor these past few weeks, and a couple proper ones as well.

He was a good dude, and I miss him.

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Sorry to hear about that Brent. Condolences to you and your family.

20 minutes of CPR is really impressive - it is really exhausting even for 5 minutes (I'm first aid trained).

It won't be any consolation, but CPR has only a 5% survival rate. If you are lucky enough to have a defibrillator handy, that increases to 10% survival.

RIP Jack.

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