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17 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

RIP Arnold Palmer - one of the all-time greats of golf. But at least 87 is not a bad round.

You got that right. A great man, and all sports stars really have him to thank for their obscene paychecks and opportunities. I remember my dad always liked him, disliked Nicklaus (because of Nicklaus beating him regularly) and liked Tom Watson, probably because of Watson beating Nicklaus.

I ran into him in the parking lot at the Ameritech Senior Open back in the '90s (with my dad) and recall how personable and approachable he was. RIP.

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RIP to the King of Thailand.

Anyone who has ever been to Thailand or even eaten at a Thai restaurant (every one I've ever been to has hung his portrait) knows how much the Thai people loved their king.

He was a modern, progressive, stabilizing force.


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Great article!  I remember a college acquaintance who lived near me in our dorm, he was from Thailand.  He had a picture of Bhumibol in his room, and indeed had glowing praise.  He went on to a mid-to-high level position in one of the bigger banks there, and credited the King with a "tempered modernization" that people seemed to love.

RIP to the King.  And wishing for a peaceful and good transition for Thailand.

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