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After almost three and a half months, the KGST is finally in operation, and is sounding great. Thanks to all who have responded to my questions and given guidance. I am really surprised at  how good t

Thanks to the NYC Spring Meet yesterday, I was motivated to finish casing up my KGST.  I'm very happy with the result.  The chassis is 7" x 12.8". Perfect for my night table   Here's the beast in i

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To all who own a KGST and a KGSSHV. Which one do you like better with the 009? 

I have a clear preference for the KGST that persists even after rebuilding the on board KGSSHV with c4686 instead of 1n100d. I would have expected them to become almost equal, but to my ears the difference is not small. 


Can anyone else share their impression on this? I am even thinking about selling the KGSSHV and building a second KGST or just get a BHSE?

I like the full-size KGSSHV 450V with Sanyo parts better.  Tonality it is very simlar to the KGST but the full-size KGSSHV throws better soundstage and it is more resolving to my ears.  The KGST w/ GE tube has smaller soundstage so it is more intimate sounding to my ears. 

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The KGST's baby brother lives, say hello to the KGDT...  :)




This is the same circuit but uses the common noval dual triodes instead of the 6S4A.  While this opens up a whole world of tube rolling it does mean it must run at lower rail voltages (+/-300V) and a bit less current.  This is the SRM-006t to the SRM-007t but also not as it doesn't suck.  ;D  The switch on the PCB allows to select either 6.3V heater tubes (normally with a shield) or the 12.6V ones with a center tap.  The amp was designed around the ECC99, 12BH7, 6CG7 and 6n6pi but there are a lot of others that will work.  Some old computer grade tubes that can be had for next to nothing that I will try out. 

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That box is 330x300mm or so and I wouldn't go much smaller than that.  The problem will always be the height though as the tubes are quite tall so either cutouts for them or 90+mm height. 

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Thank you, purk.  I will take some pic's tomorrow of the arse end and post them up.  I do have some shots of the internals, but I'll leave those for headinclounds to post if he so chooses.  It's his baby.  I'm just a caretaker  ;D


chinsetta - I am listening with a pair of Koss ESP-950's using a Koss to Stax adapter cable.  The DAC is a Beresford Caiman MkII...nothing terribly fancy, but I find it's a very good converter especially at its price point.



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